J'ai été approchée par BONLOOK pour créer 42 illustrations et 30 icônes dans le cadre de la refonte de leur site web. Le mandat était de créer des images invitantes et évocatrices pour soutenir le contenu du site.

I was asked by Canadian eyewear brand BONLOOK to create 42 illustrations and 30 icons for their new website. The brief was to create inviting and evocative images to elevate the website's content.
LENS Coatings
"Blue light filtering"
"Scratch-resistant and anti-glare", "Multifocal-progressive"
"Single-vision far"
"Gradient", "Polarized"
​​​​​​​"Tinted lenses"
"Choosing", "Cutting", "Inspecting", "Shipping"
"How to care for your glasses"
"The fight against condensation"
"Frames should follow your brow line", "Your pupils should be centered horizontally in each lens", "The bottom half of the lenses shouldn't sit at the top of your cheeks", "Choose a colour of frame that complements your complexion"
What to consider
"Find an optometrist near you"
"Specify the goal of your exam (glasses, contact lenses, etc.)", "Request a copy of your prescription", "Scan or take a picture of your prescription"
Q&A Guide
"Rigorous quality assurance is performed on all glasses and sunglasses"
"Manufacturing defects spot checks", "Re-testing your prescription"
Rethinking Retail Space
"Local touches", "Cut the clutter"
"Helpful opticians"
"Stylists, at your service"
"What to look for in a prescription", "Booking an appointment"
"Error 404"
"Reach out for extra support"